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15 Most Likely Ways the World Will End


Nuclear War

Not only is the tension high between many of the countries around the world, but a record number of them are armed with nuclear bombs: 9 to be exact. And only 5 of them have a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, leaving 4 countries doing whatever they want with them, including North Korea. Studies have shown that if worldwide nuclear war broke out and 100 bombs were launched it would create a nuclear winter with record low temperatures and severe impacts on the surviving population. If 1,000 bombs were launched, it is estimated that most if not all of the world’s population would be killed in the war.


Supervolcano Eruption

Some scientists actually theorize that volcanic eruptions could have been responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs and not an asteroid impact and another one was thought to kill about 95% of species on Earth about 200 million years ago. Want to know something that will really scare the pants off of you? There is a super volcano 34 by 45 miles wide under Yellowstone National Park that is due to erupt every 600,000 years and it has been 640,000 years since it last erupted. If and when this volcano erupts, it could emit 2000 million tons of sulfuric acid, blocking out the sun for years and causing the equivalent of a nuclear winter.

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5 Perfectly Acceptable Ways To Respond When Asked About Life Plans After Graduation


1. I’m taking some time off…
…to teach English in South Korea, to take some pottery classes, to return to my roots. However you want to finish that sentence, the choice is yours! Be sure to get creative and remember, the stranger, the better.

How far is this person willing to question you? How far is this person willing to enter the intricate dance of fantasy? The goal is to amuse yourself while retaining the attention of the other person after all, so be sure to open the wide expanse known as your imagination.

2. I have a job!
If you actually do have a job, I congratulate you (as well as feel confused as to why you clicked this article).

If you actually don’t have a job, pretending you do is a surefire way to alleviate the potential awkwardness that will result when whomever is doing the asking finds out you’re still having a bit of trouble getting your act together, by his or her standards.

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15 Animated Disney Sequels You Didn’t Know Existed


Snow White: Happily Ever After 

In 1993 there was a movie released that was called Happily Ever After (alternately Snow White: Happily Ever After). Though it was released in theaters, it did really poorly, only bringing in just over 3 million dollars. This sequel to the original 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves replaced the dwarves with their female cousins, the Dwarfelles. There was even a video game for the movie released in 1994.


The Return of Jafar 

There were actually two animated sequels to the Aladdin movies, The Return of Jafar in 1994 and Aladdin and the King of Thieves in 1996. Sadly, due to a contract dispute with Disney, Robin Williams did not do the voice of the Genie in The Return of Jafar.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame II 

The Hunchback of Notre Dame II was a sequel to the original film that was released directly to video. The entire main cast returned for this movie that took place 6 years after the original in which Captain Phoebus and Esmerald now have a 6 year old son.

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