10 Things You Never Knew About Disneyland

Sleeping Ludwig

Sleeping Beauty Castle is one of the most iconic pieces of Disney history. But did you know it is not a completely original idea? The castle is largely based on Ludwig II’s Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria but the top is facing backwards.

The Secret Apartment

Building Disneyland and helping to get it off the ground was hard work. After the hours Walt Disney would put in to everything, having to commute home at the end of the day was hard to do so instead, he would stay in a secret apartment above the firehouse. To this day, it’s still there, left untouched.

Live-Action Tinkerbell

If you think the performances at Disneyland are cool now, you should check out some of their original acts. There used to be Tinkerbell aerialist act. The original Tinker Bell was played by 71-year-old Hungarian circus performer Tiny Kline. She was the first performer to fly off the top of the Matterhorn on a zip line. Before this, she worked as a stunt woman who would hang from a flying airplane by her teeth!

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