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Natural Ways To Cure Body Odor


Eliminate Caffeine

Consuming large amounts of caffeine can cause excessive sweating, which in turn produces body odor. Taking in more than 500 mg of caffeine a day can be enough to jump start your sweat glands.

Try severely cutting down on tea, coffee, and soft drinks, or rid them from your diet altogether. Tapering down gradually is the key as withdrawal side effects like fatigue, irritability, and painful headaches can occur when quitting cold turkey. 


Rubbing Alcohol

Body odor begins with bacteria, and nothing kills bacteria like some good ol’ fashioned rubbing alcohol. It’s a temporary solution, and the effects don’t last very long, but it’s a good quick fix in a stinky emergency.

Dip a cotton ball or pad in rubbing alcohol and rub into your armpit. Filling a squirt bottle with alcohol and spraying directly on the armpits works too. Just reapply as needed. After it evaporates, it’s like the stench never was.

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Museum Madness

Museum Madness is an excellent game that teaches the player facts about American history, geology, dinosaurs, space, technology, and more. The main character is called to help save a museum from a computer virus that is causing displays to come to life.d


The Secret Island of Dr. Quandary

This educational game pits the player against a number of logic-based puzzles in an attempt to escape Dr. Quandry’s island. The graphics aren’t great, but the puzzles are challenging and the narration is good.

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