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15 Yummiest Healthy Snack Foods


Atkins Advantage Snack Bars

Low carb diets are still very popular, but the biggest obstacle to over come for many people is having to completely cut out any junk food because they’re all so high in sugar, and most protein bars lack the flavor to really subdue cravings. The Atkins Advantage snack bars solve this by being extremely tasty while also being low in sugars.


Bear Naked Cookies

There’s not much you can do to lower the caloric value of chocolate and maintain the taste and most people assume you just have to give it up completely if you want to diet. Bear Naked has come up with a viable solution to this problem. While each cookie is about 130 calories it also has 2 grams of dietary fiber, 0 Trans Fat, and only 1 gram of saturated fat.

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15 Crazy Origin Stories of Superstitions


The Four Leaf Clover

You don’t need a gambling addiction to know how lucky the four leaf clover can be. The origins of the clover comes from Adam & Eve where Eve picks one for good luck. Additional lore states that each clover represents something: Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck.


Knock on Wood

Knocking on wood is a common way to avoid jinxing yourself or making sure nothing bad happens. This tradition comes from Pagans who considered the trees as a living spirit. When a tree was cut down, Pagans believed that the spirits would be replaced by bad omens. This is why they knocked on the wood to scare away the bad spirits.


Black Cats

Black cats were originally a good luck sign by Pagans. As feuds began between Christians and Pagans, Christians often pointed out the black cat as a bad luck symbol and associated it with the Pagans. This curse grew over time and is now the norm.

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