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How Can You Save Money on Electronics?


Choose an Older Model

Even if an electronic device is in perfect shape, the price rapidly decreases once a newer model is released. Find the device you want to buy and look to see if there’s a slightly older model that’s still for sale. You’ll save at least 10% right off the top without sacrificing many features. A manager might even be willing to give you an additional discount just to get it out of their inventory!


Buy a Floor Model

Retail stores usually have a large number of electronic devices on display at any given time. Eventually, the store will swap out which products are on display and will sell the floor models at a reduced price. These will be clearly marked as an open item and should state that they were a floor model. Note that floor models do get a ton of use and abuse, but that just leaves extra negotiation room for you. Tell the salesperson that you’re interested in the floor model, but only if they throw in a free extended warranty.

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Check out rayversus!

Harmonizing music and video into a complete visual euphoria has led him to be one of the most sought after producers in the gaming and music industry.

RAY.VS iconic visual and auditory eclectic productions reflect the underground sounds and sights of his hometown of Miami, showcasing his signature “musical eye-candy.”

He can truly see sounds.


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“If you can’t forgive and forget, pick one.”

Robert Brault
How Can You Guess Someone’s Astrological Sign?



If you spot someone short with an innocent, round face, he could be a Cancer. People under this sign are also sensitive, romantic, and compassionate. Cancer’s are also know for their violent mood swings. A Cancer is best suited to the job of historian, antiques dealer, or baker.



If you know any actors, talent agents, motivational speakers, or salesmen, there’s a good chance that they are Leos. This star sign is associated with pride, charisma, and positive-thinking. A Leo does have trouble taking criticism well, however. A Leo is more likely to be tall, athletic, and have long hair

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