15 The Best Backyard Games You Can Buy

Extreme Water Tag

Everyone loves a good Super Soaker battle, but now you can turn it into a competitive game. The vests that come with Extreme Water Tag are filled with holes and slots. As water gets squirted onto the vest, a meter fills up in the center. Once your meter is filled, you are eliminated.

Viking Bowling 

A lawn bowling game with some classic roots. Knock over spread out wooden pegs one at a time to build up your score and achieve the most points. The game only gets better the more you play.

Geyser Ball

Cool off and enjoy baseball at the same time with Geyser Ball. The foam ball can hold a ton of water and adds a huge splash every time it makes contact.

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4 Bedrock Habits of Highly Confident Women


They’re power posing in the ladies’ bathroom. They’ve got that positive visualization thing down like nobody’s business. But they also keep in mind these subtle strategies when they really need to shine.


1. They Actually Don’t Keep Calm and Carry On 

When people are already experiencing pre-performance jitters, found Alison Wood Brooks, a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School, it’s much easier to shift into a state of excitement than calm. Brooks did a study with participants in several high-stress scenarios: karaoke singing, public speaking and math performance. Those who told themselves “I’m excited” before their anxiety-provoking tasks consistently outshone, and felt better about their performances, than those who told themselves, “I’m calm.” Think about it: It’s easier to trick ourselves into thinking we’re psyched about something that scares us because the physiological symptoms are so similar: sweaty palms, thumping heart, the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Brooks said that when her subjects were told to get excited, they actually felt more excited, more confident and were able to more naturally shift their focus on the positive opportunities in the upcoming task (unleashing their inner Celine Dion) versus the potential threats (completely bombing in front of all of their friends). “Instead of putting up signs that say, Keep Calm and Carry On,” said Brooks, “people should use signs that say, Get Excited and Succeed.” 

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Top 15 Degrees Employers are Looking For


The job market is looking really good for finance majors as about 67% of companies are looking to hire people with this degree. If you are interested in things like the Stock Market or just money in general, this could be for you. Sample careers for a finance manager are financial analyst or personal financial advisor.

Computer and Information Sciences

Our society is becoming more and more dependent on computers and that is really good for those who are seeking degrees in computer science. About 65% of employers are planning to hire people with this degree because all companies use computers nowadays and it’s much easier to have your own computer person. You’ll probably be the one keeping all of their computer systems running smoothly as a computer support specialist.


Another great degree for those who are good with numbers is accountant. Most companies need someone to do the books, which is why about 58% of companies are looking to hire people with this degree. Another good thing about it is that the people who hold this job are generally happy with it and it pays pretty good, too!

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