11 Photos that shows Relationships These Days

You Aren’t the Same!

He got a haircut, a real job, and a new wardrobe. What a sell-out.


The Real Truman Show

With the evolution of Twitter it seems like celebrities are living in a kind of real world Truman Show, with the most intimate details of their life on display for the world in real time. And they can’t get enough of the attention!


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Best Cool Story Bro!→

“Stop searching for the right person. Just look for a good catcher. The one who could catch you heart when it starts falling.”

Awesome DIY iPhone Accessories→

An Internet Troll Calls This Mom’s Son Ugly. You Have To Read The Mom’s Response. EPIC.


A mother on Instagram (@maemennes) posted a gorgeous photo of her smiling son, who has Down Syndrome. An Internet Bully commented with one word: Ugly. 

We need a lot more people like this mom in the world.

Read the mom’s reply to “@JusesCrustHD” below:


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10 Tattoo Spelling Fails

You Are Life

We feel like the internet is to blame for this one! God bless the poor English teachers as they try to combat the internet’s constant war on “your and you’re”!


Where Ever

This is such a bummer. It would be a pretty horrible tattoo idea in the first place.


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Best Coldplay Pictures→


More yummy photos here!

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