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10 Facts About Cavities


Almost Everyone Gets Them

While dentists do their best to keep us from getting cavities, more than 90% of the world’s population will get at least one cavity in their lifetime.


Cavities are Contagious

Cavities are caused by bacteria, and some people carry more of those bacteria than others. There have been cases of people who never had a cavity in their lives, and after being in a new relationship, they developed cavities. This occurs because bacteria can be transferred from one mouth to another, spreading cavities. It also is often transmitted from mother to child because of close contact (i.e. when she tastes their food to make sure it isn’t too hot). 

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9 Ways to Detox Safely and Naturally


Sweat It Out!

When you sweat, your pores open up and toxins are released through the skin by sweating. Going to a sauna is a good way to sweat it out, and a great excuse for a spa day!

The best way to sweat during a detox, however, is by exercising. Not only does exercising allow the body to sweat out toxins, but it also relaxes you, helps lubricate joints, and aids in the functions of thecirculatory and digestive systems—systems which are essential to detoxing the body!


Exfoliate your skin

After all that sweating, your pores could use a deep cleaning. Exfoliating the skin gets rid of extra toxinsthat reside in pores. Not only does exfoliating the skin scrub away toxins, but it also removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling and looking way healthier.

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