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15 Simple Tips to Make Your Phone Run Faster

Shut Down Apps

As we use our phones throughout the day, we can leave many apps open in the background as we are multitasking. But this can quickly begin to bog down the phone’s limited processing power. Get in the habit of checking for apps that you are no longer using and shutting them down and your phone will run much faster!

Delete Emails and Texts

Keeping too many emails and texts saved to your phone can really slow it down, so go through and delete any unneeded messages. If there are some that you really need, save them to your phone’s mass memory or download them to your computer.

Remove Unneeded Apps

Speed up your phone by removing any unneeded apps, such as ones that came pre-installed on your phone that you never used or ones that you just don’t use anymore. This can also free up precious space that’s cluttering up your memory.

Animated Wallpaper and Screensaver

Sure, animated wallpapers and screensavers can look really cool on your phone, but if your number one priority is for your phone to run fast and smooth, skip them and opt for something more simple. They can also eat up your battery power as well.

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This Pizza Chain Will Offer a Pizza Cake If You Vote for It!!!



Declaring “If you like it, we’ll make it,” Boston Pizza is inviting Canadian fans (although the chain does have a little more than 40 locations here in the US) to vote on a number of “Pizza Game Changers,” including pizza mints (a tiny “pizza” of mint candy slices), a gas-powered pizza cutter, and pizza cake via pizzagamechangers.com

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Hot Girl Hits on a Bunch of Straight Girls: You Won’t Believe What Happens!


What happens when a hot girl tries to get a bunch of other hot girls’ numbers for a date?


Never underestimate the power of an attractive and charming girl. This girl manages to score so many dates from the girls she approaches, even though most of them admit that they are straight!

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15 Optical Illusions That Prove You Have a Dirty Mind


Two Girls One Seat 

This picture looks really dirty until you realize that both girls are sitting sideways on that stool.


Butt Selfie

This poor girl has the worst (or best) timing ever! Even though it’s just an arm, it’s a pretty convincing rear end at a glance.

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